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To become one of the top ten local uniform suppliers through delivering excellence in design, quality and customer service


To provide uniform solutions to every sector in the market by allowing everyone to comfortably represent their employer in the most appropriate manner



honesty and strong moral principles between the employees, employees with their employer and with our customers.


every person at Cozy Fit Uniforms will be held accountable and responsible for his/her own actions.


hard working and punctuality are our basic principles.


trained to never give up, we assure our job is done and done perfectly and on time.


behave and work in a controlled way which involves obeying Cozy Fit Uniforms rules or standards.

About Us

Cozy fit Uniforms is as a result of a corporate merger of an overseas company with a local company based in UAE. Our overseas partner was established in 2007 and well known for its extensive experience in serving different sectors of the European and Middle East markets with customized uniforms. The local partner on the other hand has been providing its clients with uniform requirements ranging across hospitality, healthcare, corporate and school uniforms over the past 10 years.

Cozy Fit Uniforms proudly offers a variety of ready-made and customized branded uniforms to its wide range of clients whilst achieving the highest level of quality and service, a major key to its success.

Today, Cozy Fit Uniforms customers are restaurants, coffee shops, polyclinics and hospitals as well as factories, hotels, catering and business wear. We are committed to supplying clients with the best quality, at the best price, with the best style and using the best fabrics every single time.

Cozy Fit Uniforms is dedicated to innovation and to paying attention to every detail, or as we like to say, attention to every stitch.

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